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Building Loyalty- Digitally Empowered Society and Going Cashless

We are TESS payments - implementing cashless payment methods and suggesting secure and convenient solutions to their customers.

Our Company

Mission & Vision

We are on a mission to upgrade the world’s transition into cashless payments, enhancing financial security and decreasing the impact of paper and coin’s production and circulation.

Our vision is to focus on business results, TESS Payments creates a more streamlined and efficient economy for the benefit of all participants.

Message from the CEO


With the increase and rise in online payments, there have been seen a decrease in the long queues to make utility bill payments and the need to be physically present at showrooms and service centers to pay or recharge DTH and mobile services.

This makes our process, more encouraging and fruitful, making us happy to serve our customers.

Qatar’s Most Innovative
Payment Gateway

TESS payments is an infrastructure technology enabler, offering the latest payment processing technology to FinTech’s & Corporates in Qatar.

Our success in online business largely depends on our ability to match consumer payment preferences and the payment methods that work best for you and your customer base worldwide.

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The Captivating Features We Have

Convenient and Safe

TESS payments allows customers to make transactions without carrying physical cash, making it more convenient and safer.

Secure Process

TESS payments has created a secure fraud prevention system keeping your funds safe inside our system.

Speedy and Quick

Our cashless payment transactions are processed much faster than cash transactions, reducing wait time for customers and making them tension-free.

Enhanced Accuracy

The cashless payment system introduced, eliminates the need for manual counting and reduces the chance of human error.

Potent Record-Keeping

TESS payments enriches you with a detailed and accurate record of all transactions, making it easier to track and manage finances.

Customer Base Expansion

Cashless payment systems can expand a business’s customer base by making it easier for customers who prefer not to use cash.

Mobile Payments

Allowing for mobile payments, we make it possible to make transactions from anywhere at any time.

Integration with other Payment Systems

TESS payments system can be integrated with other payment systems, allowing the seamless transactions.

Improved Customer Experience

Cashless payment systems offer a more seamless and efficient checkout experience, improving customer satisfaction.


In regard with cost-effectiveness, TESS payments system help businesses save money on cash handling costs, like counting, transportation, and security.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Digital Payments today.