API Integration

This document outlines the integration process and the utilization of the POST protocol for e-commerce merchants. The POST protocol facilitates acquiring payments (purchases) through specific API interactions.


Generating a Certificate Signing Request

Explore the steps to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) right here!

Integrating API CREDIT_VA

The following document highlights the integration procedures and the CREDIT2VIRTUAL protocol utilization for an e-commerce merchant. Such protocol facilitates money transfers to customers’ accounts through specific API interactions.


Checkout API

Checkout service is a quick and convenient way to set up a secure payment page. It allows for collection, submission, and forwarding of payments for processing. To use the checkout service on your website, you need to integrate it with the Checkout API. This API requires you to send request data in JSON format and will give you back a JSON return URL string as a response.

PostMan Request Sending

This document describes a sequential instructions for sending authentication requests through postman. A redirected URL is a response as a result, which is a link used to send user to the payment page section (Checkout page).


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