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Small Medium Businesses (SMB)

You do the math


See how much it costs to use TESS Payments Online Payment Gateway. Enter an amount into the calculator to see our charges.


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Payment Methods

TESS fees (2.5%+1 QAR)

Payout / Settlement


Powerful Solutions with Comprehensive Features

TESS believes in providing the best technology solutions to our customers, the reason why our features are designed to be user-friendly, powerful, and secure.

Convenient and Safe

TESS payments allows customers to make transactions without carrying physical cash, making it more convenient and safer.

Fast and Easy Integration

Reduce development efforts and costs by utilizing omnichannel APIs from TESS that seamlessly integrate into your current checkout experience.

Speedy and Quick

Our cashless payment transactions are processed much faster than cash transactions, reducing wait time for customers and making them tension-free.

Recurring Payments

Through TESS, you can enable recurring payments, making it effortless for millions of customers to pay recurring bills.

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Experience The Maximum Potential Of Digital Payments Now!